Running Through This Pandemic

How are you staying sane during this pandemic? It’s been two and a half months since my job went remote (I hate working remotely). I’m in and out of Skype/Zoom/Teams calls each and every day. I live alone away, from my family. I’m single. All I do is “Work, work, work, work, work, work” in my Rihanna voice. I’ve been working longer hours. My stress is H I G H. I’m not made for this remote life LOL!

During undergrad, i had my first love to help with my de-stress. No I’m not talking about a woman. My first love was music. I was in marching band. I remember having a tough day. Accounting majors had it rough. Marching band was my only outlet. Being able to crank my frustration out my instrument. I was in my own world. Enjoying life. I miss that.

I’m six years removed from undergrad. No marching band and in the midst of a pandemic. How am I staying sane? Running.

I ran track in high school but I never felt as free as how I do when I run now. It was all competitive then. Now, it feels like I’m a part of a huge family. From joining DC Run Crew to joining running clubs on Strava. I feel free during my runs. I forget all my stress and frustration. It’s an amazing feeling.

Running has started becoming something I long for. I’m upset if I don’t run a couple of times a week. It is truly becoming my next true love (no it’s not my second or third LOL). And I want others to join me. So I ask again, how are you staying sane during this pandemic? Please tell me you’re going on a run. 🙂

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